2024 is my year to _____

Jan wants to help
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Whether or not you make new year's resolutions, most of us have something we would like to improve in our life. Maybe it is truly finding your next career path, or improving your relationship with a family member. 
At the Good Good Life, our goal is to develop engaging programs that help you accomplish your personal areas of self-improvement. Based on Jan's twenty plus years of developing leaders and teams in the corporate world, Good Good Life will bring that success to you in a program structure that has never been offered before. 

The Good Good Life Program

  • Self Awareness: Recognizing our strengths, clarifying our identity, formulating better decisions, controlling our thoughts, and understanding others first
  • Social Awareness: Exploring the stories we tell ourselves about others, formulating techniques to address conflicts, cultivating listening skills, developing better environmental awareness
  • Spiritual Awareness: Exploring beliefs and truths, recognizing our spiritual identity, finding peace, joy and contentment through our faith

Our Starting Point: Strengths

At some point, most of us have taken a personality assessment or skills test of some kind. Jan has worked with and is certified in most of the leading assessments. The CliftonStrengths Assessment is unique. Over many years, and hundreds of participants, we have found this to be the most accurate and enlightening tool to understand your personal talents, gifts and strengths. 
This is our starting point.  Below is a link to the CliftonStrengths Assessment homepage at Gallup.com. You can purchase the assessment only through Gallup and obtain a valuable report. We receive no compensation from Gallup for any of the online assessments.

Small Group Review

The next step. If you want to maximize your understanding of the CliftonStrengths Assessment you can join Jan for an online group review session. In a small group setting via Microsoft Teams, Jan will provide an in-depth review of your top five strengths for a richer, more meaningful perspective of the gifts and talents you possess.

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A special introductory offer!  For a limited time, Jan is offering individual seats to this group session for only $99  (plus an $8.00 processing fee).
Reach out to Jan today at jan@goodgoodlife.com to register.

One-on-One with Jan

The Ultimate next step. Schedule a personal one-on-one review of your strengths with Jan! If you feel stagnant and unsure about your future, this one-on-one can give you dramatic insight on where your talents and skills are best aligned, as well as clarity to certain aspects of life,  such as relationships, finances, career advancement and more.

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A special introductory offer!  For a very limited time, Jan is offering individual one-on-one sessions for only $249  (plus an $8.00 processing fee).
Reach out to Jan today at jan@goodgoodlife.com to register.

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